Aave's deployment on the Harmony

Snapshot to deploy V2 on Harmony passed with a success. In anticipation of the Aave Protocol V3 launch, the Aave Protocol v2 deployment on Harmony was dropped in favour of the Aave Protocol V3 deployment.

Harmony is a sharded proof-of-stake blockchain, operated by over 100 external validators. It is fully EVM and Ethereum tooling compatible. Read more about 👉🏻 Harmony

Due to the Horizon bridge exploit, certain assets on the Harmony network are not at parity with Ethereum, which affects the Aave V3 Harmony market. Per the community, the Harmony market has been frozen.

Risk Parameters

View reserve parameters on live dashboard.

The reserve factor is accumulated to the treasury controller contract

Price Feed

Chainlink oracles are available on Harmony based on 👉🏻 address repository.


Aave team do not hold any keys to the multisig controlling Aave V3 markets on Harmony

During an initial bootstrapping phase, the Harmony deployment is controlled by a multisig (keys held by Harmony community) and follows the same security practices implemented during the governance transition period for Aave V1 and V2.

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