MarketMake RFPs
We'd love to see these projects created or worked on in the MarketMake hackathon.
    Create governance dashboard for creating Aave Governance proposals. Can be as simple as setting some parameters for asset listings.
    Create a governance framework for early projects with Aave Governance V2: Vesting Tokens and Vested Tokens as the two governance tokens.
    Merger/Acquisition/Collaborations with Aave Governance V2: From two projects' tokens to 1 governance.
    Create app where protocol politicians can easily ask for delegation powers (to vote in governance)
    Integration with Sybil (https://sybil.org/)
    Interest rate simulator based on liquidity that user is interested in depositing.
    ​https://daistats.com, but for Aave
    Safety module dashboard with stats (staking activity, yields, etc)
    Address migration tool: migrate all your aave positions to another address
    Open source liquidation bot
    Innovative way to build fixed rate deposits and borrows on top of Aave Protocol
    Improve the stable rate formula + implementation
    Create bridge for aTokens β†’ L2 (e.g. Optimism / zkSync / etc)
    Add privacy features to Aave interactions (could be L2 or tornado cash style or something else?)
For other ideas, see the Ideas page.
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