Hackathon Expectations

We're involved with a number of hackathons and see many, many submissions. Here are some guidelines on how to maximise your chances of 'winning' (the ones with emoticons are important!):
  • 💯 Have your code well documented on Github.
  • ✅ Have a front end that is available to be used on a public website.
  • 🧪 If you created Solidity contracts, deploy them to a testnet and ensure your front end properly interacts with them.
  • 🤯 Make sure you implement something innovative, novel, or difficult with your Aave integration. Simply calling deposit() on the LendingPool will not help your submission stand out and be special.
  • Include a short presentation (PPT, Keynote, Google Slides) that goes over your idea, hack, and where you plan to take it.
  • If you include a video demo, please ensure it is between 2 minutes and 8 minutes. Anything longer will become boring.
  • If you have previously won a hackathon prize or received a grant from us, then you must highlight exactly what new things were built and why you deserve another prize (our prizes/grants are meant to help kickstart your journey, not provide on-going funding).
  • Hackathons are usually quite competitive, so if you're building to win, keep this in mind. A little polish goes a long way, in comparison with all other submissions.