💡 Ideas

Open source ideas we'd love to see you build

The Hack



Help users make better financial decisions with education, one action abstractions, or better data transparency.

- Help users understand the risk and reward of certain yields and assets on Aave

- Help users easily switch interest rates or assets

- Help protect users finances against inflation, e.g. aTokens could become an inflation resistant currency

No Loss X

Similar to PoolTogether, users should be able to pool their funds into Aave, with the interest earned on the pooled funds being used for something interesting.

- PoolTogether: No loss lottery - rDAI: No loss donations - No loss prediction markets - No loss tournaments - No loss investments

- No loss ponzi

New ways to fundraise

The ICO reimagined, where interest is earned on the invested funds

Steady DeFi

Let users lock in interest rates - SwapRate.finance

- 88mph.app

- Blazar

Flash loan helpers

Help democratise access to capital by making it easier to use flash loans

- Wrapper contracts for flash loans to make it easier to use

- Furucombo - GUI for flash loans so non-technical users can use them


Help users optimise their yield, based on their risk profile

- Make it easier to swap between different yielding protocols


Aave has a multi-pool strategy, with the second lending pool being targeted to Uniswap liquidity providers. Build integrations and tools for the multi-pools we've announced.

Cross-protocol friends

We believe in collaboration and openness, glued together with composability. Some of our cross-protocol friends:

- PoolTogether: What happens if you redirect interest to a pod to buy more tickets, increasing your chances?

- Balancer: Pools with multiple tokens, all earning interest. What could you build?

- Bancor: Stack yield by using aTokens in the reserve, converting to the underlying asset when to collect fees when necessary.

Safety Module Dashboard

Staking Dashboard: #StkAAVE, Staking Activity, Staking Yields, Safety Capital, Markets & Sum Covered (Borrows)

Address Migration Tool

Tool to migrate all your Aave positions to another address

Aave UI

Alternative UI to access Aave or for Governance Proposals

Gas-less transfers

Every aToken is EIP2612 compatible, so supports permit() to enable gas-less transfers. Build something that makes using Aave cheaper or easier with the permit() function.