👩‍💻 Hack

Here's to the crazy ones...
This page is for the hackers and buidlers who are currently building, or planning to build, something cool with the Aave Protocol.
For more technical documentation on the protocol, see our developer docs.
For a general overview of Aave, the features, the traction, and the ecosystem, see this presentation.
Many DApps have leveraged Aave's features to offer DeFi services, among them:
  • “Stop-loss orders” and automated loan rebalancer with DefiSaver​
  • Interest rate swaps derivatives with Opium Network​
  • Upfront Interest with 88Mph and Blazar​
  • Collateral swaps to mitigate volatility with CollateralSwap​
  • Flash Loans GUI with Furucombo​
  • Leveraging Aave's interest rates and aTokens with yearn.finance​
Last modified 2yr ago