I can not connect to the platform

  • Make sure to select the correct network (Ethereum Mainnet), normally on the wallet provider you can switch the network on the settings options.

  • On Ledger natively or over Metamask:

    • Make sure to unlock and select Ethereum app.

    • Make sure Contract data is allowed on the Ethereum app settings.

  • Coinbase

    • Use the scan QR option to connect.

    • If you want to access directly from Coinbase wallet just go to on the browser within the app.

  • Wallet connect

    • Use the scan QR code to connect

  • Fortmatic

    • Make sure to switch to Ethereum Mainnet.

    • If you want to access your wallet interface you can do at

I can not send transactions

Make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet to interact with the platform. It's required to have ETH in your wallet for the transactions cost, without it you won't be able to interact. Depending on the network status the cost of the transactions may vary, at least 0.05 ETH may be required to interact properly.

The site does not load

Following steps may solve your problems:

  • If you are using Brave browser switch to another browser to discard the issues is from the browser. If it is related with Brave browser some actions to take that may help are:

    • Clearing cache data and cookies for the site

    • Hard refresh with control + F5 (or cmd + r)

    • Disable brave wallet (or the not default wallet been used, for example metamask, dapper etc)

    • Or other extensions that might be interfering with proper connection with the wallet

    • If after all those steps it keeps failing only in Brave unfortunately it would require to use the platform in another browser as those incompatibilities come from Brave browser.

  • Make sure your internet connection is working and is stable

  • Restart the browser and try to connect again

  • Try to hard refresh the site with control + F5

  • Check if there is any update for your browser or wallet provider used, if so, update it to the latest version

My transaction is stuck pending confirmation

In this situation make sure to not keep sending transactions, every new transaction will be stuck pending the oldest transaction to be confirmed. You can get rid of the stuck transaction speeding it up or cancelling it, depending on the wallet you are using you would have natively that option or not. For example metamask or trust wallet have both the options to cancel or speed up transactions.

Alternatively if your wallet provider doesn't have this option you can still drop the stuck transaction sending a 0 ETH transaction, to your address (to yourself) using the same nonce (number id), You can inspect the nonce in your transaction in Etherscan and use services as MEW and MyCrypto to send this transaction with higher gas cost and replace the stuck one. Here a couple of guides about the topic for MEW and MyCrypto

Can I use Aave from alternative services?

Yes, as our protocol is open source and allocated in the Ethereum blockchain you can access it multiple ways, there are several services that you might use if you are having issues with our own client. Here a list of alternative services:

  • All functionalities + leverage and auto liquidation (repayment with collateral) through Defi Saver Aave dashboard.

  • All functionalities through MEW on their Aave app.

  • Deposit and withdrawals swapping your aTokens at 1inch and paraswap, for example swapping DAI to aDAI is depositing DAI, and aDAI to DAI withdrawing.

  • Flash loans, deposits and withdrawals from Furucombo interface.

  • Deposits and withdrawals from Argent wallet.

  • All the actions available from etherscan contracts (Aave Market - Uniswap Market) following our guidelines available in our docs.

  • Find additional services and integrations in our ecosystem site.

If you still have any questions or issues, feel free to reach us over the live chat within the app or in our discord or telegram channel