Testing Aave Protocol V2 and V3


You are able to test the Aave Protocol without spending cryptoassets on the available testnets for each network. To get started, head to the Aave testnet client which is available at app.aave.com and simply enable the testnet switch in settings section of the app, top right corner. Make sure to switch your wallet provider to the appropriate testnet network in order to use the protocol testnet without incurring costs on the mainnet network. Testnet networks are different environments from mainnet and simulate real use cases for development, testing or production. The assets on a testnet are not “real,” meaning that they cannot be withdrawn to your wallet for any real economic value. Testing is possible through different networks. The available networks are:

For Aave Protocol V2:

  • Ethereum Goerli

  • Polygon Mumbai

  • Avalanche Fuji

For Aave Protocol V3:

  • Ethereum Sepolia

  • Polygon Mumbai

  • Avalanche Fuji

  • Arbitrum Goerli

  • Fantom Testnet

  • Optimism Goerli

What do I need for testing?

You can always check, which testnet you are using by looking at the market name. The testnet will be marked by its last letter on the top right of the market name in purple (e.g., K for Kovan and H for Harmony). When accessing each testnet, you will need to use its own native asset token. You can find these in the Faucet tab of app.aave.com where you can submit a transaction for the specific token you need. Steps to test:

  1. Go to app.aave.com, select the settings button on the top right corner, enable testnet view

  2. Switch to the testnet you wish to utilize over your wallet provider

  3. Make sure to have the native asset for the specific network

  4. Get some tokens from the test client faucet

How do I get the native asset of the testnet?

You can request those assets for each testnet market from the available faucets as:

How do I get tokens for testing V2 and V3?

You can get tokens to test over at app.aave.com through the testnet section of the app. Go in settings, on the top righthand side and enable testing view.

Make sure to select the correct market in the top right corner. You can find this towards the left side of the address. Select the token you need and submit the faucet transaction but be mindful to make sure that you have certain amount of the native asset of the testnet you wish to transact on.

How do I select a supported testnet?

First, be sure to check your wallet provider allows you to switch to testnet. There are many wallet providers, that allow this, such as Kovan, Rinkeby and Mumbai, but you’ll need to verify the suitability yourself prior to testing. Some providers, such as the Metamask extension, display the network selection on top of the menu over the extension and, in the case of mobile Metamask, above of the wallet section. It’s important to always do your research for compatible wallets with compatible networks.

Can I test all Aave Protocol functionalities?

You’ll be able to test all the functionalities available over the testnet client in the mainnet app. However, please do consider that the data displayed will not be the same as the data shown in the mainnet client. After completing the previous steps, you can test any functionality available in the testnet app.

Happy testing!

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