Testing Aave


If you would like to test the Aave Protocol without spending real assets, you'll be happy to know that you can do this over the testnet client. You can find the Aave testnet client available at https://testnet.aave.com. Make sure to switch your wallet provider to Kovan network to use the protocol testnet without any costs.

What do I need for testing?

You just need to connect to the test client at:
    https://testnet.aave.com (Kovan)
    Switch to the test network to use Kovan
    Make sure to have ETH for the specific network
    Get some tokens from the test client faucet
You can find specific guidelines on how to do every step in the following FAQ.

How do I select a supported testnet?

Some wallet providers allow you to switch to a test network such as Kovan. Make sure your wallet provider allows you to do this prior to testing. Some wallet providers that allow you to select the network are: - Metamask extension or mobile app at https://metamask.io/download.html - You can find the network selection on top of the Metamask menu over the extension and on top of the wallet section in Metamask mobile. - Coinbase wallet at https://wallet.coinbase.com/ over the settings -> Advanced, you can select the active network for ETH.

How do I get ETH for testing?

You can request ETH from the available faucets: - Kovan ETH at https://faucet.kovan.network/ - Alternatively Kovan ETH at https://gitter.im/kovan-testnet/faucet and https://ethdrop.dev/

How do I get tokens for testing?

You can get tokens to test over at https://testnet.aave.com/faucet. Make sure to select Kovan market in the top right corner (by left side of the address) as shown:
Then over 'More' you can find 'Faucet' option. You just need to select the token you want and submit the transaction. Make sure to have ETH before using the faucet.

Can I test all Aave Protocol functionalities?

Yes, over the testnet client you can test all the functionalities available in the mainnet app, but please take in account the data displayed won't be exactly the same as the data shown in the mainnet client. After completing the previous steps, you can test any functionality available in the testnet app. Happy testing!
Last modified 2mo ago