Referral Program

This program is no longer active
Aave's referral program consists of a 20% fee-share. This is how it works:
Aave is currently kickstarting governance. Origination Fees will be decided by the Aave community and are currently "paused" with a minimal low amount. You can still register for the referral program.
  • Each loan currently incurs a 0.0000001% origination fee.
  • 80% of this fee is allocated in the protocol fund.
  • 20% of this fee is redistributed to the referrers.
    • The referrers consist of the liquidity providers (deposit()) and the borrow providers (borrow()).
    • 40% of this fee goes to the liquidity providers (effectively 8% of origination fee).
    • 60% of this fee goes to the borrow providers (effectively 12% of origination fee).
  • For example with a 0,25% origination fee: A user take out a 1000 DAI loan.
    • Origination fee: 2.50 DAI
      • Amount used to buy and burn LEND: 2 DAI
      • Amount redistributed to referrers: 0.50 DAI
        • Amount going to liquidity providers: 0.20 DAI
        • Amount going to borrow providers: 0.30 DAI
To participate in the referral program, a referralCode must be included in either the deposit() or borrow() calls. You can receive a referralCode
If you do not wish to participate in the program, or need a placeholder during testing, then use the referral code: 0.