Main market
The Aave protocol is an ecosystem of multiple markets, with the first market being the main Aave Market.
Contract Descriptions
For contract addresses of other markets, see the side bar under Deployed Contracts
For governance related contracts, see the Voting & Governance section.
The below information can also be programatically fetched by calling getReserveTokensAddresses().
All tokens use 18 decimals, unless indicated otherwise.
For assets on testnets, we use different versions of the token (e.g. testnet Dai). This is to ensure enough liquidity for our reserves and to easily mint more tokens when needed.
If you are developing on a testnet and require tokens, go to, making sure that your wallet is set to the relevant testnet.
As testnet assets may change frequently, ensure you are using the right asset by minting from our testnet faucet (as mentioned above) and use the ProtocolDataProvider to fetch all the relevant assets using getReserveTokensAddresses.
For your convenience, an up to date list of Kovan addresses is available in JSON here.
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