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Aave Request for Comments (ARCs) are the first step in the governance improvement process. Anyone can participate in the Governance Forum, create ARCs, and vote on improvements.
The following are examples of successful ARCs that should be used as a base template:

1. Submitting an ARC

When submitting an ARC on the governance forum, the post should cover all the information of the potentially final AIP. This will allow the community to provide feedback, improvements, and if rough consensus is reached via community poll, the successful submission and voting of the AIP.

Minimum requirements

At a minimum, the ARC must include:
  • Short and concise title of the ARC.
  • A short and concise description of the proposal.
  • The rationale for the ARC, e.g. why?
  • The title of the forum post must include 'ARC:' with the short title of the ARC. E.g. ARC: Activation of Aave Protocol Governance V2 Governance.
  • A community poll that community members can use to vote.

2. Commenting / discussion period

Once posted on the governance forum, all questions and comments should be replied to and taken into consideration, to further improve the ARC.
A snapshot vote is recommended to gather community feedback and the preferred path. This snapshot allows to reach a rought consensus to maximize the chances of positive outcome of the AIP submission.
Last modified 2yr ago