Aave Governance

Aave Governance V3 introduces new features including voting on lower transaction fee networks and aAAVE voting power. Learn More.


The Aave Protocol is governed by the AAVE token holder community through procedures, voting, and smart contract execution, collectively known as Aave Governance.

All instances of the Aave Protocol are governed by the AAVE, stkAAVE, and aAAVE token holders on Ethereum mainnet. Aave Governance V3 introduces the ability to vote on lower transaction fee networks such as Polygon POS and Avalanche C-Chain while token balances remain on Ethereum mainnet.

The Governance Process guide details the proposal lifecycle from idea to execution.

Governance Power

AAVE, stkAAVE (AAVE staked in protocol safety module), and aAAVE (aToken representing AAVE supplied to Ethereum V3 market) token holders receive governance powers proportional to the sum of their balances on Ethereum mainnet.

There are two powers associated with each governance token:

  • The proposal power that gives access to creating a proposal.

  • The voting power which is used to vote for or against active proposals.

Governance powers can be either jointly or separately delegated to any Ethereum address.

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