Aave Guardians

The Aave Community Guardian is a group of community-elected individuals or entities who are part of a 6/10 multisig that have certain roles as delegated by the Aave community. Information about the vote for the Guardian can be found here.
Per the Aave Community’s vote, the Guardian is intended to:
  • Protect the Aave Protocol against potential governance takeovers by having the ability to “veto” an AIP if it is deemed malicious.
  • Allow for V3 markets to be upgraded following governance votes on Snapshot while an on-chain cross-chain governance module is implemented.
    • Only the V3 Avalanche Market is currently held by the Guardians as all other markets on now using the cross-chain governance module.
  • Failsafe emergency actor to pause Aave markets.

Current Community Guardians

  • Ernesto Boado (BGD Labs)
  • Matthew Graham (Governance House)
  • Fernando Martinelli (Balancer Labs)
  • Coderdan (Aavegotchi)
  • Corbin Page (ConsenSys Codefi, Aave Grants DAO)
  • Gavi Galloway (Standard Crypto)
  • Meltem Demirors (Coinshares)
  • Marc Zeller (Aave-Chan Initiative)
  • Hilmar Maximilian Orth (Gelato)
  • 0xmaki

Governance Discussions

Initial Guardians for the launch of Governance V2 (September 20th 2020)

Guardian Renewal (September 21st 2021)
Guardian Renewal (August 3rd 2022)
Governance vote granting Guardians EmergencyAdmin role